Meet The Team


Lama Saflou

Lama is a 21-year-old senior marketing student at the American University in Dubai. She enjoys research and mathematics. She is a positive, calm, and easygoing person. 


Mahmoud  El Aassar

Mahmoud is a 22-year-old ambitious Egyptian, majoring in Marketing currently is his senior year. He is always striving to achieve the impossible knowing that the sky is limit with him, hoping to become like his father one day. 




A 21 year old who is loves sports, politics, and psychology. Victor Arreguy Kelly is currently a senior at the American University in Dubai pursuing his major in Marketing, and he plans on following his passion on branding, consumer behavior and political marketing. Moreover, Victor is a perfectionist who does not mind getting his hand dirty to get things done




A senior Marketing student at the American University in Dubai. A hardworking passionate individual committed to achieving his goals regardless of the obstacles. Admires the role of leadership in all forms and has a personal admiration for football.